Silver Lake Neighborhood Council considering an Airbnb ban

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The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is having a committee meeting Wednesday evening taking up a proposal that would ban short-term rentals like those conducted through popular lodging site Airbnb.

The council's Urban Design & Preservation Advisor Committee proposal, if approved here and by the full neighborhood council, would lead to a recommendation to the City Council to prohibit this type of short-term rental of all or part of someone's home in Silver Lake.

The committee's agenda notes that these types of rentals are legal in the City of Los Angeles, but that they're unpopular with neighbors. The agenda summarizes that the temporary housing brings "transients, traffic, [creates] potential safety issues and could negatively impact surrounding property values."

Before this story was published, the meeting's web page had received 23 comments. They were largely from those opposing the ban, including a number of Airbnb operators.

There are currently 242 locations in Silver Lake listed on Airbnb.

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