San Diego may seek restraining order against mayor Bob Filner

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is in therapy for his behavior. Do you think it will help?

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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner

As a recall drive targeting San Diego's embattled mayor is set to begin, the city attorney's office says it is considering seeking a restraining order barring Bob Filner from City Hall.

The Los Angeles Times reports the order would claim Filner'spresence allegedly creates a hostile working environment for women.

All nine City Council members have called on the mayor to resign over allegations of sexual harassment, including of three women who are city employees.

Michael Giorgino, spokesman for City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, told the newspaper on Friday a restraining order is a "possibility as a last resort."

Filner, the city's first Democratic mayor in two decades, has not been seen publicly since entering an intensive two-week therapy session.

A recall drive begins Sunday.


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