Hundreds rally in LA, SF, San Diego against attack on Syria (Photos)

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Several hundred people demonstrated in Los Angeles and San Diego to protest against a possible U.S.-led attack on Syria.

The LAPD says about 200 people took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles Saturday. They waved signs that read "No More War" and shouted "Hands of Syria."

Capt. Michael Oreb said more than 40 people were cited for sitting on street intersections and blocking traffic. Two people were arrested when they refused to sign their citations.

Protestors in the Bay Area took to the streets in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Mateo. NBC Bay Area reported that the threatened strike in Syria had some concerned at the possibility of a new war: 

"It's again the U.S. government sending out a political line, saying there's some country we should be afraid of when in reality, 10 years later, we see the disaster Iraq was," protester Frank Lara said. "These resources should be used for fair wages, for things like housing, things like health care and education."

In San Diego, about 150 people gathered in an anti-war rally in Balboa Park. U-T San Diego reported that war-weary demonstrators were similarly concerned: 

“It’s a civil war that we have no business in,” said Britta Noack, 42, who said she moved to the U.S. from Germany nearly 12 years ago. “Even with limited strikes, this has the potential to blow up into world war,” she said.

The protests came as President Obama announced that he would ask Congress to vote on whether to strike against Syria to punish it for what the U.S. believes was a deadly chemical attack led by Syrian President Bashar Assad.


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