UPDATED: Downtown LA's Angels Flight derails; no injuries

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Angels Flight, a historic Los Angeles trolley, derailed Thursday after an electrical issue caused one of its two rail cars to come off the tracks.

No one was hurt, but six people were helped off the train. Only one was riding on the derailed car.

Angels Flight Railway President John H. Welborne said in a statement that a grounding brush for one of the cars had malfunctioned, depleting its batteries.

The lack of power triggered the trolley's safety system and shut down operations. A rail brake caused the rear wheels on the car to lift.

The railway will be running again once electrical issues are resolved and the California Public Utilities Commission approves.

The historic funicular that goes up and down a hill in downtown Los Angeles first opened in 1901 to carry people between the Hill Street business district and the top of Bunker Hill. It was dismantled in 1969 for a redevelopment project and was stored for years before being reassembled in its current location.

Dubbed "the shortest railway in the world," Angels Flight has had a history of safety problems.

In 2001, one car rolled down the track and crashed into the lower car, killing one person and injuring seven others.

It reopened in 2010, but two years ago there were concerns about wheel wear.

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