Grauman's Chinese Theater's once-famous Hollywood dragon needs $35,000 for restoration

Los Angeles Public Library archives

An exterior shot of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, circa 1928.

The dragon that once welcomed visitors to a famed Hollywood movie palace now has a far less distinguished lair.

The former guardian of Grauman's Chinese Theater sits in a nondescript warehouse in Pomona, along with other treasures from Los Angeles' past.

Now, the Los Angeles Times reports that the Museum of Neon Art wants the public to see the dragon once again.

It was one of two that for four decades sat above the theater's marquees, its body lit up in yellow and green. After a less-than-delicate removal in 2001, the dragon is now dinged up, rusted - and in two pieces.

In need of about $35,000 worth of restoration, the museum is raising money to put it back together.

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