Pasadena firefighters investigating early morning fire at strip mall (video)

Pasadena strip mall fire

Courtesy Pasadena Fire Dept.

The Pasadena Fire Department tweeted out an image of the fire that burned several buildings along Fair Oaks Avenue early Sunday morning.

Firefighters in Pasadena are still determining what caused a fire to burn just before 5 a.m. Sunday at a strip mall on Fair Oaks Avenue. The smoke from the fire was so thick that drivers could spot it from the 210 Freeway. 

Pasadena Fire spokeswoman Lisa Derdarian  told NBC4 up to six businesses were impacted, including a furniture store. 

"The gentleman that owns the furniture store graduated high school not too long ago with a group of friends, opened up the business less than a year ago, they had about $200,000 worth of furniture inside the business and just were getting up and running, so we hope we can save some of that business."

City News Service reports the fire impacted a beauty salon, an Internet cafe and bike shop, thought the heaviest flames appeared to be at the beauty salon, according to Derdarian. 

LoudLabs News posted video of the fire on their Youtube page: 


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