Grand Theft Auto V: Show us your LA screen shots

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Rockstar Games has done it again. But this time with lots more Los Angeles. 

Gamers have been anxiously anticipating Tuesday's release of Grand Theft Auto V and if it looks anything like L.A. Noire, expect to spot the nuances of your favorite landscapes from mountains to buildings to bridges. 

The creators revealed some of its authenticity in this promotional GIF: 

L.A. in Grand Theft Auto is called Los Santos and art director Aaron Garbut told BuzzFeed that "quite a large team" was deployed into the city to do research with urban aficionados like architectural historians and off-duty police.

Garbut tells BuzzFeed: 

We’ve shot over 250,000 images and hours of video. We’ve driven all over Los Angeles and out into the surrounding desert, towns, and forests. Throughout the project I’ve visited California quite a number of times, sometimes with the art team and sometimes meeting up with [Rockstar co-founders] Sam and Dan Houser and [longtime series producer] Les Benzies. This is a project we’ve been determined to get absolutely right and we’ve done everything we could to make that happen.

Did they get it right? We'll let you be the judge. 

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