Fight erupts in iPhone line at Pasadena Apple store after homeless recruited to wait (video)

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Police detained three people after a fight erupted outside a Pasadena Apple Store where a crowd waited overnight for release of the new iPhone.

Police Lt. Jason Clawson says two men were arrested about 7:30 a.m. Friday after getting into a fistfight while in line along Colorado Boulevard. They face misdemeanor citations. It was unclear what the fight was about.

Clawson says a third man was placed on a 72-hour mental health hold after running into the street in an enraged state. Clawson says it appears the man may have been among several homeless men who were hired to buy iPhones for other customers.

Clawson says when the store ran out of the new smartphones, the homeless men didn't get paid and became upset.

Dominoe Moody tells the Los Angeles Times that he was picked up from a downtown L.A. mission and was among between 70 and 80 who were recruited and driven to the Pasadena Apple Store to wait in line for the new iPhone, promised $40 each for the new phones.

Vivian Fields, another person who tells the Times that she was recruited, said that she and others were stranded at the store with no way to get home after waiting in line all night.

One homeless man who said he was supposed to be paid to wait for the phone explained what he says happened in a video interview with tech reporter Rich DeMuro:

No significant injuries were reported.

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