Artists pull into Union Station with artwork and a show

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A train carrying artists and their artwork has been making its way across the country. It first started its journey in New York — and Thursday it will pull into L.A.'s Union Station.

It's called Station to Station, and it features underground artists of all kinds.

"I felt there was a necessity to have a different way of working for culture, a different kind of platform," said Doug Aitken, the artist who organized the roving artwork. "Maybe something that wasn't bound to a place, a city. It wasn't bound to real estate or commerce. Something that was a bit more nomadic, that could move and change all the time."

Attendees can expect music, artwork and food. While the concert is sold out, there is a public viewing area outside of the ticketed area.

(See photos in the slideshow above from past events.)

Metro PIO Anna Chen said the event is likely to draw a unique crowd. 

"It kind of harkens back to the romantic era of train travel. If you have a chance to get out here and see that train, it's really cool," said Chen. "They've got some vintage cars out there representing different states across America. It's a really interesting project."

The event will take place 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Union Station until 10 p.m. Station to Station's next and final stop is Oakland, Calif. at 16th Street Station.

STS - LOS ANGELES from Station to Station on Vimeo.

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