CicLAvia: Where to ride, what to eat and places to relax (MAP)

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CicLAvia is back, and this time it's taking place in the heart of Los Angeles. The downtown event will  be the last of its kind in the city this year; it's scheduled for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

Never been? Not sure what to expect? Here are some recycled tips for a smooth experience:

1. Plan your trip there and back: For those taking public transit for the first time, it's a good idea to have a backup plan in case you miss your bus or train home. If you're riding with a feeder group, ask if they're riding back together as well. If you're driving, check out all your parking options and don't be afraid to park several blocks away — it might be worth it. 

Helpful links: 

2. Take advantage of the hubs along the way.  Get a quick tune-up at the bike mechanic stands before you start your ride (located at any of these hubs). Also, use a Hub as a meeting place or to relax in between rides — expect music performances, free refreshments and even photo opportunities with a Power Ranger

3. Watch the clock. Leave plenty of time to see the sites. CicLAvia has a detailed trip planner for walkers and bikers.

4. Don't forget to eat and keep hydrated. Check out our map below to locate eateries that can be found along the route.

5. And lastly, be nice. CicLAvia is not just for bikes – make room for families with dogs and strollers, and the youngest tricyclists. Also, ride in the direction of traffic. Use your arm signals and give a calm, "on your left" when passing on the left. If you're going to stop abruptly, say "stopping" and use the hand signal.

Use the legend to see the CicLAvia route, nearby restaurants and parks.

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