Dodgers playoffs: 1 more loss to the St. Louis Cardinals eliminates Los Angeles

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After a 4-2 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers are one-game away from elimination.

For much of this often-magical Dodgers season, there was so much to cheer. But Tuesday night, fans often booed their own team, or let out the sound of collective anguish.

Once again, the Dodgers had more hits than the Cardinals. But hits, a win, does not necessarily make.

The Dodgers don’t have a home-run in the series, and neither did the Cardinals. That was until the third inning when Matt Holliday belted the ball so hard it looked like it might break a windshield in the parking lot. (Actual distance: 426 feet) 

"Yeah, I got it good," said Holliday after the game. "Have I hit further ones? Maybe, but not in that kind of situation."

The Dodgers best postseason hitter – Hanley Ramirez – had to return to the clubhouse in the sixth inning. The pain from his cracked rib became too much to endure.

"He was having a little more trouble today as the game went on," Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said after the game. "It got worse as we went along."

The Dodgers couldn't score without Ramirez. In fact, their only runs came in the fourth inning. A suddenly hot Yaisel Puig hit a single to left-center that scored Adrian Gonzalez. Later, A.J. Ellis drove in Andre Ethier with another single. 

Despite a battered line-up, manager Don Mattingly says his team can come back, especially because star pitcher Zach Greinke takes the mound Wednesday just after 1 p.m. Ace Clayton Kershaw would pitch a game six.

“So now we sit here with Zach on full rest, said Mattingly. "Hopefully he pitches the way he’s capable...I don’t want to be down, but if you’re going to be down, I like the guys we’ve got going the next three days.” 

Many fans don’t seem to share Mattingly’s optimism. Tickets for Game 5 were once selling for a minimum of $100 on Stubhub. After Tuesday's loss, they were going for less than $20.

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