Pepe Aguilar's 12 favorite multi-cultural songs; what are yours? (Playlist)

Pepe Aguilar at his office in the Valley (John Rabe)

Latin pop superstar Pepe Aguilar, son of mariachi Antonio Aguilar and film star Flor Silvestre, at his office in the Valley.

Meet superstar Pepe Aguilar: He’s a ranchera singer who’s sold 12 million albums, and he’s the son of Mexico’s most famous mariachi Antonio Aguilar. Most recently, he recorded his first public radio interview with Off-Ramp's John Rabe

Aguilar says he strives to create sounds that have no boundaries, and his appreciation for music transcends beyond ranchera. He shared a Spotify playlist of his top 12 multi-cultural songs with KPCC. They vary not only in language, but also in style.

Have a listen, and let us know: What are your favorite songs from around the world? Share with us on Twitter using #PepeAguilarKPCC or in comments below. 

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