Service to be held for 'Word Of Faith' movement pastor Edward Dufresne

Edward Dufresne during a service
Edward Dufresne during a service
Edward Dufresne during a service
Edward Dufresne, minister at World Harvest Church

Edward Dufresne, a world-traveling minister, will be remembered at a service held at World Harvest Church.

Dufresne died in a plane crash Friday morning while en route to Texas where he was scheduled to speak. 

A leader in the Word Of Faith movement, Dufresne was a pastor to more than 200 ministries and was said to have been gifted with a healing touch. 

Brionna Gompper, an assistant to Dufresne who has been with Murrieta's World Harvest Church for seven years, said she believes the pastor was endowed with the ability to heal life-threatening diseases with the touch of his hand.

"For years he had a cancer-killing endowment. I could tell you for years and years there have been numerous healing testimonies," said Gompper, who was Ed Dufresne's administrator. "Of course, it's the power of God working through him."

Dufresne had been a minister for nearly five decades. He and his wife Nancy Dufresne founded World Harvest Church in 1991. 

"He taught the word, and he lived the word [of God]," Gompper said. "He was the finest example of a man, a husband, minister and dad." 

Dufresne is survived by his wife, five children and 17 grandchildren.

The service will be held Oct. 30 at 11 a.m. at the Murrieta church located on 23109 Palomar St.