Stolen laptops from Alhambra hospital administration center had info on 729,000 patients

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Laptops stolen on Oct. 12 from a sixth-floor office at an administration center in Alhambra contained information on over 700,000 patients.

A Southern California hospital chain is urging patients to check their credit reports after thieves stole two laptop computers containing Social Security numbers and other information on more than 700,000 patients.

The Los Angeles Times says the laptops were stolen on Oct. 12 from a sixth-floor office at an administration center in Alhambra. Video captured the break-in but the crooks haven't been caught.

According to the Times: 

The laptops were stolen Oct. 12 and contain data from patients treated at AHMC hospitals: Garfield Medical Center, Monterey Park Hospital, Greater El Monte Community Hospital, Whittier Hospital Medical Center, San Gabriel Valley Medical Center and Anaheim Regional Medical Center.

The laptops contained names, insurance and Medicare ID numbers and other information on patients of six AHMC hospitals in Alhambra, Anaheim, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, South El Monte and Whittier.

Hospital officials say the computers were password-protected and there's no evidence the information was accessed but they suggest patients may want to place alerts on their credit files and check them for fraud.

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