Local high school student's dinosaur discovery goes on display (Video)

A Tour of the Skeleton of "Joe" the Baby Parasaurolophus
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The skeleton of a baby dinosaur discovered in 2009 by a high school student is now on display in Claremont, NBC4 reports.

Webb Schools student Kevin Terris and his classmates were visiting the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah when the find was made. Paleontologist Andy Farke was with them and says he didn't think much of it at first.

"One of the students found a little piece of bone, sticking out of the side of the rock," Farke told NBC4. "I said, 'Just ignore it. It doesn't look like anything that great.'"

But Terris said he ignored that advice: "Flipped over that loose bit of rock and found the skull and was just...wow!"

Terris is now in college studying paleontology, according to NBC4. And it turns out his discovery is the most complete, smallest and youngest example of Parasurolophus (PAIR-uh-SORE-AH-luf-us) ever found.

You can see the skeleton of the dinosaur, nicknamed Joe, at the Raymond Alf Museum in Claremont. A 3D digital model has also been made, which you can view online.

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