LA aqueduct bomber now works for water agency

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A California man who helped blow up an aqueduct that sent water from Owens Valley to Los Angeles now works for the metropolis' water district, ensuring the waterway is safe.

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The Los Angeles Times reports Wednesday that 54-year-old Mark Berry currently works for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Berry lived in Owens Valley and was only 17 when he and friend Robert Howe stole dynamite and went to the aqueduct in September 1976.

The aqueduct was a symbol of urban poaching as it diverted water from the region to Los Angeles since the early 1900s.

A blast ripped open a spill gate that sent about 100 million gallons of water into bone-dry Owens Lake. Berry was sentenced to 30 days in juvenile detention, while Howe received a 90-day sentence.

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