LAX shooting: Witnesses, passengers share images, video on social media

Courtesy of Rony Chammas

A witness tweets photos of LAX an hour after the shooting Friday morning. No cars can be seen outside the terminal.

Immediately after a gunman opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning, people took to social media to share their stories, their fears, their reactions.

Those included celebrities such as actor James Franco, musician Nick Jonas and Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci of TV's "Mythbusters." And an episode of AMC's "Mad Men," which was filming at LAX at the time, was shut down, according to a tweet from the fictional "Don Draper":

People stuck in the airport after all outgoing flights were put on hold talked about the long, uncertain wait, and some witnesses gave a sense of the initial panic.

One person said via Twitter: "Something crazy is going down at LAX. People running everywhere. We just got evacuated."

We've rounded up a selection of these social media reactions below:

Social media reactions

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