West LA 405 'Ramp Jam' comes to an early end

70906 full
70906 full

The northbound 405 off-ramp at Sunset Boulevard is expected to open Monday morning at 6 a.m.,  a week ahead of schedule. The section has been closed for almost four months for construction.

 The L.A. County Metro Transportation Authority said Sunday that the new ramp has two turn lanes to eastbound Sunset and one turn lane westbound. 

This is a big deal, because that ramp is very well used. And it's been an inconvenience to people for a long time while it was under construction," said MTA spokeswoman Kim Upton "However, prior to that, the ramp had terrible traffic jams in and of itself, and safety problems for years and years. So the work needed to be done. We're sorry it inconvenienced people. We're grateful that people were as gracious as they have been about it. And now it's over."

Upton said the extra lanes will ease congestion on the road. She added that the longer ramp is longer, so it's less likely to back up into the 405 at busy times during the day.

UCLA students, staff and Westside residents are among the drivers who use the route. Caltrans estimates about 10,000 trips are taken across the ramp daily.

The improvements are part of $1 billion 405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project, which aims to reduce traffic on the heavily-used freeway.

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