UFC fighter Shane del Rosario near death following heart attack

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UFC fighter Shane del Rosario suffered a heart attack Tuesday and is near death at a Southern California hospital, showing no brain activity.

Manager John House told UFC reporter Ariel Helwani that "there is a very, very, very slim chance" Rosario could survive, but he has no brain activity. Doctors were waiting until Friday to see if he responds to treatment, but his family has been told to say their goodbyes.

House released a statement Wednesday saying Del Rosario had a catastrophic cardiovascular collapse at his home in Newport on Tuesday morning and was taken to the local Hoag Hospital in full cardiac arrest.

House says Del Rosario was resuscitated in the emergency room and his heart rate and blood pressure was stabilized, but his condition remained critical Wednesday afternoon.

Del Rosario, a 30-year-old heavyweight, has lost his first two fights since coming to UFC from Strikeforce, and pulled out of a scheduled Dec. 28 match with Guto Inocente because of a rib injury.

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