Bella, Max top list of the most popular puppy names of 2013

Patrick Lee

Lucy (left) was the No. 3 most popular name for a female puppy born in 2013; Stella (right) was No. 20.

Bella. Daisy. Lucy.

Max. Buddy. Charlie.

These are the top three puppy names for 2013 — girls first, boys next — as determined by from its database of 925,000 puppies born since Jan. 1.

You can view the full list of the top 50 most popular puppy names in the graphic embedded below.

Some interesting trends for 2013:

  • The top four female names — Bella, Daisy, Lucy and Molly — remained No. 1 through 4 for the eighth straight year. 
  • The top five most popular male puppy names stayed the same as last year, with Max at No. 1 for the eighth straight year.
  • Luna is the hottest female puppy name on the list, moving up from No. 84 a decade ago and jumping five spots since only last year, from No. 18 to No. 13.
  • Diesel, which landed at No. 13 this year, is the hottest male puppy name, climbing three spots since last year.

In case you're wondering how puppy names track human child names, check out our list of the top 100 most popular baby names in California from last May. Note any similarities?

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Most Popular Puppy Names of 2013 — Infographic
Most Popular Puppy Names of 2013 — Infographic
by Vetstreet

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