Sriracha documentary premieres online Wednesday night

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Huy Fong Foods Inc. owner David Tran with machines that mix Sriracha chili sauce ingredients, including crushed jalapeño chilis from Ventura County, sugar, spices and garlic.

The story behind Sriracha creator David Tran is captured in a documentary debuting online 10 p.m. Wednesday. 

The 33-minute film was created by YouTube producer and filmmaker Griffin Hammond, who told the Pasadena Star-News that the project turned out to be much bigger than he had ever anticipated. 

“There is so much I learned over the summer. The story got bigger than I thought it would be,” Hammond told the newspaper. “In some ways, I imagined this would be kind of this wacky, silly documentary about the fans and the kind of cult phenomenon of Sriracha, but then I found there are these really human stories there.”

The documentary premieres on the same day that Tran, who is also Huy Fong Foods founder and CEO, announced that his company will halt shipments of his popular hot sauce until mid-January due to the state Department of Public Health enforcing stricter guidelines.

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In November, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ordered Tran to stop “emitting anything that causes odors" at its Irwindale plant, after residents complained of air and health problems created by the grinding of chilis. 

But the documentary focuses instead on the origins of the sauce and the fans who have grown to love it. Among those featured is author of two Sriracha books, Randy Clemens, who KPCC's Take Two interviewed in October. 

The Sriracha documentary will stream online 10 p.m. Wednesday. You can purchase it for $5 here. 

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