UCLA sued over refusal to turn over primate research records (Lawsuit PDF)

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74386 full

An animal rights group has sued the University of California, Los Angeles, for refusing to release records on its use of primates in lab experiments.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Los Angeles on behalf of the group Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

Spokesman Michael Budkie says the group wants records about primates used in drug-testing and other research that have died since January 2012.

"We're looking to obtain copies of the veterinary records for the primates at this facility so that we can ascertain whether they are being treated properly,whether the facility is potentially violating the Animal Welfare Act relevant to the primates inside the facility and also to generally just look at the condition of the animals, including their psychological condition," Budkie, co-founder of Stop Animal Exploitation Now, told KPCC. 

In a statement, UCLA says there's a history of its researchers being subjected to violence by animal rights extremists.

The university says its policy about releasing information is legal and balances the public's right to information with the need to protect scientists.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now lawsuit vs UCLA


With contributions from Nuran Alteir and The Associated Press

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