Very last-minute shopping: Where to find a gift on Christmas Eve

Santee Alley Christmas Shopping - 1

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Jose Gonzalez advertises his sports merchandise store in Santee Alley as shoppers buy last-minute gifts on Christmas Eve.

So you forgot to grab a gift for your holiday host. Or maybe you never got around to purchasing stocking stuffers for the kids.

Well, most of the stores that have been open for days on end are wrapping up their epic Christmas hours after an anxious end to retail's biggest season. After staying open for a more than 100-hour stretch, Kohls stores will close at 6 p.m. tonight. Macy's will also free its employees at 6 after a week of keeping its doors open until  2 a.m. Most other major retailers will close at around the same time. 

You can always risk a last minute hail-Mary to Santee Alley in downtown L.A., which has been churning with holiday activity for months. A spokesperson for the business association that oversees the alley's shops says most of its 150 mini-stores will shut down around 6 p.m., though others will stay open at their discretion, depending on whether they find it worth their time. 

But there are a handful of stores throughout Southern California that will likely be open a few hours after work on Christmas Eve for your very, very last minute shopping. So put on your shopping face and head out to one of these local spots for your last-minute gifts — and let us know if there are others we missed in the comments!

Whole Foods - Pasadena 

Whole Foods - 3rd and Fairfax

Whole Foods - Long Beach 

Toys R Us - Los Feliz 

Toys R Us - Eagle Rock Plaza

Toys R Us - Burbank  

Sephora- Old Town Pasadena 

Nordstrom Rack - Beverly Connection 

Target - SoCal locations

Barnes & Noble - Burbank

Barnes & Noble - Manhattan Beach 

Barnes & Noble - 3rd Street Promenade

Where are will you do your last-minute shopping? Share in comments. 

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