How to recycle your Christmas tree in LA County

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Christmas is over: What to do with that tree?

In unincorporated Los Angeles County, you have until Jan. 18, 2014, to have your tree picked up if you leave it at the curb on your regular trash-collection day. Curbside pickup applies to residents of the county’s 160 unincorporated communities.

Otherwise, check with your city. Many cities provide residents with curbside Christmas tree removal, while others provide conveniently located drop-off sites, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

L.A. County recycles trees for use as compost, mulch or ground cover, which reduces the production of landfill waste and preserves natural resources.

To recycle your tree, the county advises the following:

  • Remove all ornaments, including tinsel, decorations, and metal and plastic tree stands.
  • Cut all trees taller than 6 feet in half. 
  • If you miss your curbside recycling date, cut your tree into smaller pieces and place them in a green waste container.

For more information, visit or call (888) CLEANLA for guidelines on Christmas tree removal in your community.

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