Judge dismisses ranger's claims for Dorner reward

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Rick Heltebrake, 61, a Boy Scout camp ranger, describes Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2012, how fugitive Christopher Dorner hijacked his pickup truck while attempting to flee from the Big Bear area Tuesday at his camp in Angelus Oaks in the San Bernardino National Forest. Heltebrake said Dorner told him he didn[t want to hurt him, or his 4-year-old Dalmation Suni, he just wanted his truck. Heltebrake complied, and Dorner took the truck.

A judge has dismissed all claims against the cities of Los Angeles and Riverside by a camp ranger who felt he deserved reward money for helping locate fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner.

City News Service reports that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Allen White found Richard Heltebrake's claims without merit Monday. Heltebrake said he alerted authorities when he was carjacked by the ex-Los Angeles police officer.

Three retired judges doled out the $1 million reward to a couple Dorner held hostage and two others for helping law enforcement track him down.

Heltebrake must pay over $15,000 in attorneys' fees to the city of Los Angeles.

Authorities say Dorner killed four people and engaged in a standoff with police before killing himself in a burning cabin in the San Bernardino mountains.

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