2 survive small plane crash off Catalina Island

Latiffe Amado

File: The Starlight Beach in Catalina Island, the last stop on the Trans Catalina Trail, Mile No. 37.

The U.S. Coast Guard says a single-engine airplane went down off the Southern California coast near Catalina Island, but both people aboard survived and were rescued by a passing boat.

Coast Guard spokesman Adam Eggers says the plane went down about six miles northeast of Catalina at about 1 p.m. Saturday.

Coast Guard and lifeguard boats and helicopters were quickly sent to the scene, but a ferry called the Starship Express was in the area, reached the pair first and pulled them aboard.

A lifeguard boat from the city of Avalon met up with the ferry and took the two people aboard. They had no injuries.

The identities of the two people were not immediately available.

Eggers says the plane sank, leaving a small field of debris on the surface.

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