Coroner: Man struck by Metro Gold Line train was 57, from Altadena

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The L.A. County Coroner's office says it was a 57 year old man from Altadena who got hit by the Gold Line train Saturday and died. Officials on Thursday said they are not ready to release his name to the public because they have not notified the man's family.

Metro officials say the operator of the train has been taken off-duty while the investigation is underway. They say that is standard procedure.

The northbound train was between the Highland Park and South Pasadena stations when it hit the man, who was in a crosswalk. It happened in the middle of the afternoon at the intersection of Pasadena Avenue and Monterey Road in South Pasadena.

Just last year, Metro posted a warning sign at the crosswalk, which includes a suicide prevention hotline number. Officials have yet to determine the manner of death. The signs are posted at most intersections. 

Metro officials declined to comment on the investigation. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Homicide Division is investigating the death. Officials there have not returned repeated messages asking for comment.

The trains on this stretch of the Gold Line run along the street at the same level as cars and pedestrians. Metro officials say it is one of the safest routes in the transit system: four people have died on the tracks since the Gold Line started running 10 years ago.

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