Are your cosmetics a health risk? Find out here

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75753 full

If you're curious as to whether that eye shadow, blush or concealer you use contain ingredients that may be harmful to your health, the answer could be just a click away.  

The California Department of Public Health has launched a new searchable website that now lists the ingredients of about 30,000 cosmetics that may cause cancer or reproductive harm.

State public health officials say those products from 475 companies now included in the California Safe Cosmetics Program database aren’t necessarily dangerous, but  they do contain at least one chemical that’s been identified as a known or suspected carcinogen by authoritative bodies, including the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the National Toxicology Program.

Information about products can searched by product name, company name, or by chemical ingredient. 

The website, required by California’s Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005,  also includes educational information to help consumers learn about specific chemicals and how exposure to them can affect one’s health. 


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