Colby Fire: Crews up containment overnight; Mountain Cove evacuees return home

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76187 full

Crews made large gains on the Colby Fire burning above Glendora Saturday night. As of Sunday morning, they were able to contain 78 percent of the fire. Residents of the evacuated Mountain Cove neighborhood were able to return home. 

Fire crews are working on laying containment lines in two areas where the area was not yet surrounded, mostly in the northeast and northwest sections of the fire, Marc Peebles, a spokesman with Southern California Incident Management Team 3, told KPCC.

"We still have the two areas of open line that need to be addressed," said Peebles. "So we'll be going in and working those containment lines. And, of course, we're still going to be doing a lot of mop-up patrol. There's still a lot of mop-up to do. We want to make sure that all the hot spots have been attended to. "

L.A. County Fire damage assessment teams were working Sunday to look over the areas that sustained the most damage.

"They're going into take a closer look at some of those damaged structures and some of the homes that were lost," Peebles said.

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He added that winds have been mild over the past couple days at about 5 miles per hour, allowing firefighters to get the upper hand. 

"We have scaled back some of our firefighting resources to make them available for any new fires that should happen," Peebles said. "[We] want to say thanks to the communities for their support and their patience as we work to put this fire to bed."

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