What will happen to the ice in Dodger Stadium's hockey rink?

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The Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks faced off on Saturday night, an occurrence that wouldn’t normally garner much attention beyond fans of the two franchises. This game did, though, largely because it took place outdoors on the field of Dodger Stadium. It was part of the N.H.L.’s Stadium Series, outdoor games played in famous stadiums in Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Vancouver.

Not all of the attention for Saturday’s game was positive. Before the game, many questioned the use of an estimated 20,000 gallons of water to make the ice for the rink. The previous week, California Governor Jerry Brown had declared a drought emergency for the state.

Even a day before the puck dropped, N.H.L. officials were unsure of the fate of the ice after competition. A spokesperson for the league said it was possible some of it would be preserved and sold in souvenir keepsake vials.

“It was done a lot for the Stanley Cup champions over the years, and there’s been some interest to always have some piece of it, so that’s a possibility. We haven’t finalized that yet,” said Jim Steeg who works with the N.H.L.’s events department.

Only part of the water would be used for the vials. Steeg said it was up to the Dodger management to decide what to do with the rest.

Steve Brener, a spokesman for the Dodgers, said the water would probably go towards watering the turf.

The rink will stay up until Tuesday night, for charitable events. Afterwards, crews will tear it down and transport it to Chicago for a game at Soldier Field on March 1, between the Penguins and the Blackhawks.

As part of the agreement for using the grounds, the N.H.L. will replace the turf in Dodger Stadium.

“When you put down something like the ice rink, or the stages or things like that, you’re killing off an awful lot of the grass,” said Steeg. 

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