Calif. rolls out eClaim service to speed returns for lost property

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In this file photo, California state controller John Chiang (R) looks on as California's then governor-elect Jerry Brown speaks during a briefing on California's state budget on December 8, 2010 in Sacramento, California. Chiang's office introduced a new website on Tuesday to help reunite owners with lost property, including stocks, memorabilia and safety deposit boxes that have gone unclaimed.

State Controller John Chiang on Tuesday introduced a new online tool for Californians to claim lost money and other property.

The Controller's office currently has 18 million items that have gone unclaimed, including stocks, memorabilia and safe-deposit boxes. Chiang says the new eClaim service will help folks get their property back sooner.

"They go to my Web site, they enter in their information, and if it's less than $500 and it's a single owner, we're going to try to get their property to them in 14 days or less," Chiang said.

Chiang says his office has returned $2.5 billion in cash and $180 million in stock over the past seven years. 

You can find the eClaim service at

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