What California freeway has the most gridlock?

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Those who like to argue — or brag — about the worst commute in traffic-tangled California have a new measure of their misery.

What is the most congested freeway in the state?

It has more reconstructive surgery than a Hollywood has-been and, if you survive the madness, you can eventually reach the border.

The dubious honor goes to Interstate 5 in Los Angeles County.

The ranking is based on California Department of Transportation data. Caltrans figured that, in 2012 alone, vehicles spent a cumulative 6.6 million extra hours in heavy congestion on L.A. County's stretch of the 5. That's 753 years.

Los Angeles County had six of the Top 10 most-congested routes. Orange and Alameda counties had two each.

Do you avoid the 5 freeway at all costs? Here's what folks on Twitter had to say:

What freeway do you despise?

Is the 5 freeway your worst enemy?

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