Dodger Stadium to increase parking prices

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The price to park at Dodger Stadium will increase next season for fans who don't plan ahead.

The parking fee will go back up to the old rate of $15 at the gate, but fans can still go to and buy a pass for $10 with no service charges, according to Dodgers public relations director Joe Jareck, who noted the decision was made with an eye toward alleviating traffic congestion.

"The traffic consultants we spoke with indicated that handing a ticket to an attendant is significantly faster than having a money transaction. Simply put, we are trying to make access into the stadium a better experience for our fans," Jareck wrote in an email to KPCC.

During the McCourt era of Dodgers ownership, the cost of stadium parking increased from $10 to $15. Residents who live near the ballpark complained that the added cost led to more people parking for free on nearby streets, prompting some to post fake "Resident Parking Only" signs. The new owners gained some fans when they reduced the rate back to $10 — a short-lived reduction, it turns out.

The increase in the parking fees comes shortly after news of an increase in ticket prices, too.

As the Los Angeles Times reported recently:

The Dodgers now are charging as much as 140% more than the season price set last fall. They increased the price in each of the 20 ticket categories made available Friday, and by at least 50% in 10 of them.

David Siegel, the Dodgers' vice president of ticket sales, said the new prices reflected what he called "unprecedented" demand for tickets. In the announcement Friday, the Dodgers said available tickets would start at $12 per game, which Siegel said constituted adequate disclosure of the price hikes "although we didn't spell it out."

The Dodgers had sold season tickets for as low as $5 per game. The team website used the term "new season price," but the old prices were not listed. 

Regardless, it will pay to plan ahead. Premium parking will be available in advance for $35 or $50 at the gate, according to a statement from the Dodgers. Season ticket holders and mini-plan holders can take advantage of a reduced parking price by calling 323-DODGERS.

Those taking public transit can use their Dodger game day tickets as payment to ride the bus. The shuttle operates 90 minutes before the game and 45 minutes after the game. Complete details about routes and schedules can be found at

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