SoCal storms raise concern of mudslides — how to prepare

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With two storms portending unusually wet weather headed for Southern California starting late Wednesday, local authorities are advising residents near recent burn areas to prepare for possible mudslides.

The National Weather Service issued a special weather statement to alert residents:

Given the potential for heavy and intense rainfall, residents in areas near the recent burn areas (including the Colby and Springs burn areas) will need to stay alert for potential mud and debris flow issues.

Additionally, the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division has referred people to for information on how to prepare for a major landslide during heavy rainfall. 

The second storm sweeping through Southern California will bring nearly two inches or more of rain:

NWS warns drivers of slick roadways and flooding in low-lying areas through Thursday morning during the first storm.

The second storm may cause possible mud and debris flows in recent burn areas as well as urban flooding and changing weather conditions in the mountains.

The city of Glendora recently released emergency protocols in the event of flooding and debris. It has also announced a yellow flag warning for residents in recent burn areas. A yellow flag warning does not include any evacuation orders but instead triggers certain restrictions, including rain-related parking rules; an order to remove vehicles, trash bins and other obstructions from the streets or face tow or removal; and limited entry to areas that could be impacted by mud flow or flooding.

According to the city's website, properties north of Sierra Madre between the western city boundaries of Azusa/Glendora to the eastern boundary of properties on the western side of the Little Dalton Wash are at the highest risk of being impacted by flooding and debris flows.

The city notes that it can provide advice on how best to prepare for the storm, and it will be making available sand and sandbags to help residents protect their properties, with some caveats: it's against the law to divert water or debris from your property into another's or to work on someone else's property without their consent.

Glendora residents with a proper ID can pick up sandbags at City Yard on Loraine Avenue Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. More information is available on the city's website.

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