LA Rain: Storm disrupts morning commute; 2nd storm predicted to hit overnight

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The first of two storms forecast for Southern California passed through the region with minimal disruptions. The region is now bracing for the second, larger storm that is expected to come in Thursday night and last through Saturday.

Thursday's developments:

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Nearly an inch of rain fell in downtown Los Angeles, with the mountains getting up to 2 inches of rain. The California Highway Patrol reports there were about 111 collisions in L.A. County between 5 and 9 a.m. Thursday morning. That is more than double the total of a non-rain day.

LAX did not suffer any major flight disruptions, but the showers caused the cancellation of more than 100 flights at San Francisco International Airport.

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The National Weather Service says the second storm is expected to reach Southern California late Thursday night/early Friday morning. The forecast calls for rainfall ranging from 3-6 inches in the foothills, and up to 8 inches in some areas. A high wind watch will also be in effect in the Antelope Valley from late Thursday through Friday evening.

That forecast prompted Azusa resident David Geoghegan to leave his home. He lives near the Angeles National Forest, where the Colby Fire in January burned 2,000 acres of mostly steep terrain.

"If it does get really bad, there is nothing to stop those things from coming down, there is nothing to hold the ground steady or stable," Geoghegan said. "If the mud comes down, it's gonna get bad."

As a precaution, the L.A. County Public Works Department has announced the following road closures, which will remain in effect until the system has passed and the roads are inspected:

  • Old San Gabriel Canyon Road from the Azusa city boundary to the Angeles National Forest
  • Glendora Mountain Road from Big Dalton Road to East Fork Road in the Angeles National Forest
  • Glendora Ridge Road from Mount Baldy to Glendora Mountain Road, also in the Angeles National Forest
  • Bouquet Canyon Road will be closed in Agua Dulce from Big Oaks Lodge to two miles north of Vasquez Canyon Road at 1 a.m. Friday

On its Facebook page, the Glendora Police Department posted the following advisory:

#colbyfire The Alert Status for the Colby Fire Impact Area has been updated to RED. MANDATORY evacuation orders are in effect due to a high probability of debris and mudflow in the Impact Area. In the event of a debris and mudflow event, there may be risk of injury and/or death. Shelter in place if there is a debris flow. Rain-related parking restrictions are in effect. Residents are directed to remove vehicles, trash bins, and other obstructions from the street. Those in the Impact Area are directed to go to the Teen Center at 241 W. Dawson Ave, Glendora.

Glendora's press release with mandatory evacuations:

Forecast: Debris and mud flows

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