#KPCCmadness: Public radio bracket contenders battle it out on social media

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80787 full

UPDATE: KPCC's Public Radio Bracket Madness is over. Click here to see who won!

As week one of KPCC's second annual public radio bracket comes to a close, programs from around the county are rallying for local support. (Voting has commenced in Round 3; click here to vote!)

Snap Judgment went commando over the weekend, marshaling its Twitter forces to push ahead in the last hours of the bracket madness:

Snap Judgment goes commando

Chicago Public Radio WBEZ already stands out for team spirit. With its "Afternoon Shift" pitted against NPR's "Wait Wait...don't tell me," WBEZ produced an entertaining video in hopes of winning the epic battle.

WBEZ gets real

Does it illustrate the serious dedication of the "Afternoon Shift?" We say: most definitely.

Meanwhile, in the Upper Northeast bracket, Brian Lehrer of WNYC's "Brian Lehrer Show" has something to say to Kurt Anderson from PRI's "Studio 360."

Brian Lehrer has a call to action

Anderson is kind yet aggressive in his response. As of Friday morning, his show was winning with about 76 percent of the vote.

Kurt won't step down

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In the Lower Northeast bracket, WUNC's "The State of Things" is hoping folks will see its show as public radio's very own Cinderella story.

State of Things gets creative

As of now, "The State of Things" is falling behind to NPR's "Weekend Edition Saturday" with only 18 percent of the vote. Will Frank Stasio get his clicks before the clock strikes 6 on Sunday night? Only time will tell.

Who do you think should win our public radio bracket? Round two closes at 6 p.m. Sunday. Vote here. And join in the battle on Twitter with the hashtag #KPCCmadness

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