LA city controller: Women earn less than men in city government

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Women earn less than their male counterparts in  Los Angeles city government jobs, according to the city controller.

For every $1 male employees earn, women earn just 83 cents, and only six of L.A.'s 41 general managers are female, according to an infographic released Thursday by L.A. City Controller Ron Galperin's office and shared on his Twitter feed.

The graphic was timed with the release of new data on the controller's website, Control Panel L.A., and coincided with the end of Women's History Month.

The data show, among other things, that women occupy 82 percent of the city's administrative support positions, with a payroll totaling $216 million for women and $44 million for men, while men fill 83 percent of the protective services jobs (such as police and fire), accounting for $904 million in combined salaries compared to $152 million for women.

The graphic also points out that only one of the 15 city council members is a woman. That's Nury Martinez. She issued this statement Thursday: "The Controller's Women at Work graphic is an embarrassing reminder of the inequality in City government but it doesn't surprise me. Today, we have too few women in top leadership positions in the city and we can do so much more to recruit, support and mentor potential women candidates  From my first day in office, I have been dedicated to bringing more women into the conversation but I believe it takes all of us working together to make a real impact on City Hall. I know LA can do better, we just need to lead the change." 

Mayor Eric Garcetti also issued a statement on the controller's findings: "These statistics show there’s a lot of work to be done if we want our city government to look like the rest of Los Angeles. I'm committed to paving the way for the next generation of L.A.'s civic leaders, particularly the next generation of women.  Half of my Deputy Mayors and my Chief of Staff are women.  The goal is full equality in City Hall, and we must all work together and strive to reach that goal."

You can see the full graphic below.

(Credit: Los Angeles City Controller's Office)

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