KPCC's Public Radio Bracket Madness 2014 winner: Radiolab!

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The 2014 edition of KPCC's Public Radio Bracket Madness is over, and the winner is "Radiolab"!

The battle was neck and neck between "Radiolab" and "Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me" for much of the week — by Friday afternoon, "Radiolab" was trailing by mere votes. But thanks largely to a big social media push, the show swung to a comfortable lead and a 60/40 victory over its distinguished competition.

For their victory, Jad Abumrad, Robert Krulwich and the full "Radiolab" crew get the prestige of this public radio fan vote, as well as the 2014 Bracket Madness trophy seen above! (Really. We're shipping that trophy, which also happens to be a working radio, for them to enjoy.)

They join 2013 winner "This American Life" in the Bracket Madness hall of fame. We'll be talking about this year's bracket and more on Monday's edition of "Take Two" on KPCC.

Who will win next year? Who would you like to see return, and what shows haven't had the chance to compete in the tournament yet that'd you'd like to see given a chance? Let us know in the comments.

The 2014 bracket:

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