Orland bus crash: California Highway Patrol releases 911 tapes

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The California Highway Patrol released 911 tapes Thursday from last week's crash between a high school tour bus and a FedEx truck that killed 10 people.

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Five of those killed were Southern California high school students heading north to visit Humboldt State University. They were part of a program designed to help historically underrepresented students attend a university.

In a 911 call from a student on the bus, shrieks can be heard as the person tries to recount how a Fed-Ex truck barreled across the median of Interstate 5 and hit the bus head on about 100 miles north of Sacramento, the Associated Press reported. 

The student manages to escape the fiery wreck, said AP, and the dispatcher says everyone should get as far away from the vehicle as possible.

CHP Capt. Todd Morrison said that investigators will conduct vehicle tests using a 2014 tour bus and a 2007 FedEx tractor-trailer truck to learn more about characteristics such as braking and visibility in order to find out what happened and hopefully prevent something similar in the future, according to NBCLA.

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Investigators are also still interviewing passengers and witnesses and urging anyone with video of the crash to send it to authorities, NBCLA reported. 

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