New rap lyric street signs pop up in LA (photos)

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After posting 45 location-specific rap quote signs in December at Los Angeles locations featured in the lyrics, artist Jay Shells is at it again. 

Shells, whose real name is Jason Shelowitz, has posted more red and white signs with rap lyrics across LA, just as his new exhibit opens at Gallery 1988 Friday, LAist reports.

The show is titled "Rap Quotes" and runs through May 17. 

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The latest batch of quotes features the Carls Jr. at Fairfax and Olympic and the Watts Towers, among other locations.

After Shelowitz started posting signs in New York City, the response he received prompted him to branch out to other cities and LA became next, Shells told KPCC in December. 

"This particular project started out of just a pure love for hip-hop music, that I've been listening to my whole life," Shells said. 

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