Shuttle bus service to a postcard view of the iconic Hollywood sign starts this weekend

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A new shuttle bus service starts rolling this weekend to bring people to a picture perfect view of the Hollywood sign. It's the must-have photo stop for anyone visiting Los Angeles. The iconic Hollywood sign is perhaps the single most recognized image of L.A. around the world.

Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board spokesman Matt Myerhoff  says that last year L.A. welcomed more than 42 million visitors. He says that probably more than twice that number of pictures got snapped of the Hollywood sign.

Now there's an easier way to score that postcard shot. Instead of meandering the narrow roads in the Hollywood Hills in search of the right view, or hiking some steep trails that may be a tough go for a lot of people, a shuttle bus will take you there.

“And then all the visitors who come to L.A. can get that selfie in front of the Hollywood sign and the iconic photo of the Hollywood sign they have grown up seeing on TV,” said Myerhoff. “For some families, seniors or people unable to walk a lot, it’s a really good solution,” he says.

And the shuttle service is coming to the relief of people living in the neighborhood around the sign. Christine O’Brien is a member of the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association. She says each weekend she sees bumper-to-bumper traffic around Beechwood Canyon and she says it’s not safe.

“Imagine a narrow street, without sidewalks, pedestrians walking three abreast and two cars trying to get by in hills and in curves. It doesn’t make sense,” she said.

The shuttle service is on a trial run, rolling each weekend through the end of July.  You pick it up at the Greek Theatre parking lot in Griffith Park. It stops at the Griffith Park Observatory and then goes to special Hollywood sign viewing area. Tickets are $7 and available online from the L.A. City Recreation and Parks Department.

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