Fresno city council campaign flier evokes Holocaust, fuels outrage

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A city council candidate in Central California is apologizing after religious leaders and his opponent say he featured an image that resembles a Nazi concentration camp on a campaign flier.

Fresno District 7 candidate Mike Wells tells the Fresno Bee he asked his graphic designer to find a photo that showed urban blight, but he didn't check the origins of the image she selected. The flier included barbed wire and a skull and bones and accused incumbent Councilman Clint Olivier of selling out Fresno neighborhoods. It went out over the weekend.

Religious leaders said at a news conference on Monday that a building used in the flier resembled the Auschwitz concentration camp. They joined Olivier in condemning the image.

Wells says the graphic designer has been dismissed from his campaign.

Fresno Bee video: Campaign flier evokes Holocaust



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