Bill to put warning labels on sugary drinks advances in state senate

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A bill that would slap warning labels on sugary sodas and energy drinks cleared a key hurdle Friday in Sacramento and is headed towards a possible vote in the full state senate next week.

The bill, SB 1000, is called The Sugary Drink Safety Warning Act. On Friday, the senate appropriations committee approved it on a 5-2 vote.

Senator Bill Monnig (D-Carmel) authored the bill with support from the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, doctors and community groups that say labels are needed because consumers may not directly link their favorite sugary drinks to chronic disease and other health issues.

The bill would require all bottles and cans of sugary drinks to carry this warning: "Drinking beverages with added sugars contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay."

In a recent statewide Field poll, 74 percent of those surveyed supported the proposed label.  

Business groups, including the Los Angeles County Business Federation, had opposed the measure because of a provision that would have required them to keep a record of how many, and which kind, of sugary beverages they sell. The Committee struck that part of the bill Friday.

If the bill clears the senate it will have to pass the assembly before reaching Gov. Jerry Brown's desk.

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