Memorial Day in LA brings out supporters of all stripes

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85211 full

Hundreds of people gathered Monday morning in West L.A. for the "Walk for Warriors'' 5K walk-and-run to help end homelessness among veterans.

Army Drill Sergeant Peter Nuoffer decided to traverse the route wearing camouflage fatigues and carrying his fully-packed military rucksack. 

"We could have showed up in shorts and t-shirts like everybody else, but we decided to represent the Army today," Nuoffer said. "I'm here for 11 families that I know personally [whose] sons and daughters won't come home.  So, it's important to me to carry the weight on my shoulders that they carry."

Several companies were also at the event to look for veterans to hire. Bret Lane, chief operating officer for Southern California Gas Company, said veterans, "especially with the different types of jobs that we have ... they're a perfect match for us."

This was the fourth annual event sponsored by the organization New Directions for Veterans.

Also today in West L.A., the Los Angeles National Cemetery held a special event to give a long overdue thanks to a veteran from World War II.

American soldier Yoshito Fujimoto helped translate the Japanese surrender agreement that ended the war in 1945. Fujimoto was a lieutenant with the Military Intelligence Service. Because of the secretive nature of his work, his deeds were classified for decades.

Fujimoto, now 96, says he and a small team worked four days and nights to prepare the document.

“I am very proud that I was able to do this job for the United States Army," Fujimoto said. "Thank you.”



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