Election Day 2014: What our listeners are doing June 3

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Election day is Tuesday. What are your plans? 

That's the question we asked our listeners via the Public Insight Network and social media. Some were enthusiastic about voting; others said they could not care less. Read a collection of responses below.

Of California's 178 races this year, which races matter to you — if any? Share your thoughts in comments, on Twitter @KPCC or Facebook by filling in the blank: On election day, I'll _____________ .  

In the meantime — if you are voting — you can find out who will be on your ballot with KPCC’s personalized app here

On election day, I’ll be grateful that I voted absentee.


On election day, I’ll stay away from the TV and radio.

— Raul Marquez

On election day, I’ll vote.

— Loucas George

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On election day, I’ll not vote! Nothing changes, politicians can't make changes and they only think for their own pockets. I share this opinion with the majority of voters. Do the math! How many qualified voters? What is the number of actual votes? So, what is the actual percentage that voted a person into office? It is usually about 17 percent that stands up to vote a person into office!

—Rick Moran

On election day, I’ll be voting YES on MEASURE CC to fix Culver City schools. It's a important school bond to fix up Culver City's schools. The education in Culver City is excellent. We have our own school district, Culver City Unified. However, the buildings and classrooms are in urgent need of repairs and upgrades, and this bond will raise money to do just that!

—Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin

On election day, I’ll have already voted by mail.

—Brett Campbell

On election day, I’ll vote for the offices that relate to my district.

—Sarah Bates 

On election day, I’ll [have] already mailed my ballot. I've voted in every election since I was old enough and will continue to do so (70 this year), it's my duty and a great privilege.

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—Nancy Abbott

On election day, I’ll rise from bed, shower, shave, eat breakfast, walk the dog, vote. Not necessarily in that order.

—Jest Jake 

On election day, I’ll probably forget that it is election day.

—Erin Donnelly 

On election day, I’ll definitely vote! ...And visit my kid that's working at the polls.

—Marie Benes MacLean 

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On election day, I'll vote for a third party!

—Laura Knight 

On election day, I'll try to know about each election I'm eligible to vote in, but if I don't have a clue about a particular election I'll abstain from voting in that one.

—Andrew Joubert 

On election day, I’ll vote for the lesser of all the evils.

—Ronald Scott 

One election day, I'll not vote Republican.

—Samuel Phillip Class

On election day, I may vote but wish there was a real choice not the choice between a Republican corporate tool and a Democratic corporate tool.

—Alan Stanley 

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On election day, I’ll vote and take my friend who just earned her citizenship out for breakfast with another friend to celebrate her first opportunity to vote in the U.S.

—Kathy Silvey

What will you be doing Tuesday?


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