Obama security: UCI grads must leave air horns and cap frills at home

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President Obama is coming to Southern California this weekend, bringing with him the usual traffic tie-ups on land and in the air and a long list of items banned at Angel Stadium where he is to give UC Irvine's commencement address on Saturday.

President Obama flies into Palm Springs Friday afternoon and Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base about Saturday morning. Expect to extra traffic on the roads in those areas. Private pilots will also face airspace restrictions around those airports.

Airspace will be restricted for several hours over Angel Stadium Saturday, where the president is scheduled to addresses graduates of UC Irvine about mid-day.

A presidential commencement address comes with strict security that might dampen the festivities that have come to characterize modern graduation ceremonies. Everybody will have to go through long security lines, so get there early. UCI warns grads and families against buying or selling tickets from third parties because entry will be denied to ticketholders who cannot produce an ID that matches the name on the ticket.

UC Irivne put out a list of items the White House says are banned for grads and family.  They can bring phones, but not cameras. The ban includes signs, air horns, glitter,  flower leis, flowers, balloons or disruptive behavior. They are barring bottled water and other liquids, but drinks and food will be on sale at the stadium.



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