Bryan Stow v. Dodgers: Former owner Frank McCourt deflects security questions

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Updated 12:00: Former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt gave the following statement following his testimony in the negligence suit against the team and him over the 2011 beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow:

"I was appalled at the criminal behavior of Sanchez and Norwood. And make no mistake, they are the parties responsible for this tragic incident.

"My thoughts and my prayers continue to go out to Mr. Stow and his family. Thank you."

Updated 11:21 a.m.: Former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt — who took the stand Friday in the negligence lawsuit against the team and McCourt over the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow — deflected questions from Stow's lawyer about his role in stadium security.

"I’m not in a position to make judgements about deployment of security people," McCourt said in response to a question from Stow lawyer David Lira about security at the stadium. "That was made by people who had the responsibility and authority to do that."

A back-and-forth exchange then ensued between Lira and McCourt:

Lira: As chairman and CEO, you are the person who has to make sure the fans are safe true?

McCourt: Ultimately, yes.

Lira: Gaps in security jeopardize fan safety, true?

McCourt: I would not be in a position to agree or disagree.

Lira: Failure to enforce fan code of conduct jeopardizes fan safety, true?

McCourt: The Dodgers operated without a fan code of conduct for years. So I can’t make the correlation.

Stow suffered severe brain damage after being beaten by two Dodgers fans at Dodger Stadium in 2011.

— Shirley Jahad and AP

8:17 a.m.: A lawyer for a San Francisco Giants fan who was attacked at Dodger Stadium plans to call former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt as a witness in a negligence lawsuit against the team and McCourt.

However, McCourt's stay on the witness stand could be brief Friday if a judge limits issues allowed in the questioning.

Attorney Tom Girardi, who represents beating victim Bryan Stow, wants to question McCourt about team finances and to suggest that McCourt skimped on spending for security at the stadium while lavishing millions of dollars on his own lifestyle.

Stow suffered severe brain damage after being beaten by two Dodgers fans.

Testimony thus far has focused on the contention that there was insufficient security to protect fans at the game. The defense says there was more security than at any other Dodgers opening day.

— Linda Deutsch, AP

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