Beverly Hills adopts new safety rules after 2 LAPD officers killed on steep street

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Beverly Hills adopted new safety rules this week after two Los Angeles Police Department officers were killed in separate crashes with construction vehicles on the steep Loma Vista Drive, NBC L.A. reports.

The city had already called for a street study and put in place a moratorium on heavy haul trucks on that street, according to NBC L.A. The moratorium was lifted at a Wednesday night council meeting with the institution of the new regulations.

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Now the city needs 24-hour notice for large deliveries, truck speeds will be limited to 15 mph and contractors have to submit safety plans for each of their projects, NBC L.A. reports. Also, heavy haul trucks have to have secondary brake devices and carry proof of vehicle inspection. Violations will cause a construction site to be shut down.

The officers who died on that street were Nicholas Lee, killed March 7 in a collision with a construction truck, and Ernest Allen, whose vehicle was struck by a cement truck near Lee's crash.

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