Update: Beaches reopen, video surfaces of shark attack

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Update 10:29 a.m.: Video surfaces of shark attack

Video that appears to be shot from the Manhattan Beach Pier on Saturday caught a great white struggling with a fisherman's line, thrashing and attacking a long-distance swimmer off in the water.

The video, posted on Youtube by LoudLabs News [Warning: Some of the content is disturbing], shows fishermen who've hooked a great white at first laughing at the incident, then warning others to get out of the water once they realize the man had been bit. 

Update 9:50 a.m.: Beaches reopen after Saturday's shark attack in Manhattan Beach

Swimmers are being allowed back into the water around the Manhattan Beach Pier Sunday after a great white shark attack Saturday had a stretch of the ocean roped off. 

Long-distance swimmer Steve Robles had been in the water with a group of swimmers at around 9:30 a.m. Saturday when he was bit. 

He told NBC4 he could feel his whole body shaking when the shark lunged toward him and grabbed hold of his chest.

"I used my hand to grab his nose, pried him off of me," he said. "I thought for just a second this was it. I was really scared."

The shark was agitated; A fisherman had latched onto it and had been trying to pull it in for a half hour prior to the attack. 

Beaches remained open after the attack, but there was a two-mile water restriction for four hours.

As a precaution, police are not allowing people to fish off the pier until Tuesday

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