Thousands of young Angelenos start work through Hire LA program

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An estimated 10,000 Angelenos started work this week through the Hire L.A. program, which places teenagers and young adults in summer jobs.    According to Mayor’s Eric Garcetti's office, participation the number of jobs has doubled since last year.

The Hire L.A. program began in 2005 under then-Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. 

The program hires workers aged 14 to 24.  Workers will spend the next six weeks working for government agencies, like the city of Los Angeles and Metro, as well as major corporations like Best Buy and AT&T.  Their $9/hour salaries will be paid for by the companies and through private donations.   Mayor Garcetti's office was unable to say exactly how much it raised for the summer program.   

"We know that youth are the key to the success and prosperity of this city, and Hire L.A.'s Youth, a part of my Summer of Success initiative, gives our younger generation the chance to leap ahead this summer, with safe and productive ways to learn, earn and play," Garcetti said. 

Together, the Mayor’s Office and the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce will help teach the young employees how to write a resume and budget their new earnings.  The program also focuses on teaching life skills like being punctual and dressing appropriately for work.

"Employers have an opportunity to see some aggressive young people that really care about their careers and want just an opportunity to work somewhere. The young people then learn all kinds of skills and have role models that they never would have had without this program," said Gary Toebben, president of the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce.

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